Antidepressants – How to Safely Stop Taking Depression Drugs

By | January 27, 2018

How to Stop Taking Antidepressants Safely.   This is not an antidepressant post.  Antidepressants have helped many people who struggling emotionally.  These drugs can prevent suicide and save lives. This is my experience with antidepressants and how I got off them safely. Twelve years ago my doctor put me on an antidepressant because when I was having a difficult time on a stressful job.  I later discovered that three other women I worked with were also on the same antidepressant.  I couldn’t help but wonder if doctors are overprescribing antidepressants they way the used to overprescribe painkillers.

It is our responsibility to be our own advocate for our health, and do a lot of research when prescribed a drug.  When I wanted to come off Lexapro, I spoke to my doctor and she suggested how to gradually come off the drug.  The results were, I had so many bad withdrawal symptoms, I went back on the medication to make them stop.  I decided to do some research on how to lessen side effects and come off antidepressants safely.

Detoxing off Antidepressants

Detoxing from antidepressants can be a difficult and unpleasant experience, for many people. Antidepressants are used to alleviate mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and social anxiety.   Whatever the reason for your taking antidepressants, there may come a time when the product is not working for you or you simply want to stop taking the medication.


  • Never come off Lexapro, or any medication prescribed for depression, without the approval of your physician!
  • When detoxing from antidepressants is the process of a gradual reduction of medication until it is no longer taken.
  • When tapering off many antidepressants, there can be very unpleasant side effects, such as sleeplessness, jaw pain and brain zaps, that feel like a mild jolt of electricity passing through the brain.
  • It is never advised you come off of any antidepressants medication cold turkey.
  • There is a proper way to taper off this type of medication safely with less uncomfortable side effects.
  • These uncomfortable symptoms can cause unsuccessfully detox and a return to medication.
  • Safely Come Off Antidepressants

The Tapering Process

Always speak to your doctor when deciding to taper off an antidepressant. They will tell you, whether or not it is a good idea. Your doctor will usually suggest beginning with halving your dosage for several days, then quarter the dosage and so on until you are completely off. While tapering, you may be unable to sleep well at night. This may be one of the most difficult symptoms when coming off an antidepressant.

Methods to Safely Come off Antidepressants

It is important to prepare your body and mind for the changes that will take place when you stop taking Lexapro or other antidepressant drugs.  These are the things I used when coming off antidepressants and methods I still use today to keep me balanced and grounded.

Omega 3 fish oil: This actually helps to lift your mood and helps with depression. It can also help with uncomfortable symptoms that occur when you stop taking SSI medications.Some people complain about something users call brain shock, which feels like an uncomfortable shot buzzing in the head. Omega -3 also helps calm the mind and body.

Melatonin:  One gram of Melatonin can help to regulate your sleep cycle and help you to sleep in the evening. Melatonin is also very good or managing jet lag.  If you can sleep, it will be easier to continue your goal to come off an antidepressant.

Vitamin B Complex: This helps with evening the mood, helps to improve concentration, relieve stress, irritability, and anxiety which can be present when detoxing. Vitamin B also helps to rebuild and repair the nervous system.

Adjusting your diet: Before you begin to taper off antidepressants, start to cut out artificial stimulants like as coffee, energy drinks, sugar and caffeinated soda. These substances elevated the mood and then result in an emotion and physical crash, which you don’t need to add to your present challenge.

Drink Alkaline water:  Alkaline water is excellent for its detoxifying and hydrating the body and brain.  If you can find it at your local health food store, purchase a gallon or two to help remove toxins and diminish uncomfortable symptoms.  If you can not find alkaline water, just drink lots of pure water.

Aromatherapy:  The use of essential oils and aromatherapy can be helpful in relieving stress and used for therapeutic purposes such as headaches, depression, anxiety and healing through therapeutic massage.  Use essential oils in your bath, your car and in your bedroom to help with the stressful process of tapering and in cosmetics. You can also place a few drops of essential on your temples or wrists.

Prayer or Meditation

Prayer and meditation are powerful tools can help the detox process easier.  They can help to calm the mind and body.  It can also help you to be more peaceful and grounded.  These methods help you to communicate with your spirituality and your body.


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