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Intestinal Parasites Making you Sick?

Intestinal Parasites.  Many people today are walking around with intestinal parasites and don’t know it! Once they are ingested, they will try to make your body it’s home for a long time, unless you discover they are there and get treatment.  You may just think you have a stomach ache, but in fact, you may be harboring a parasite.

They can steal vital nutrition the body needs to function properly. and infect every part of the human body. They often lodge in the intestines or colon, causing digestive disturbances such as cramps, diarrhea, allergies and more.

Parasites in Human Population

The World Health Organization estimates that 25% of the world’s population is infected.  Fifty-five million children in North America are known to have worms. They can be transferred from tick, fleas, and swimming or playing in a lake, stream or pond.

Parasites and worms thrive in animals and transfer to humans through under or uncooked food. For more understating, I suggest you read, the books, “Guess Who Came to Dinner,” and “Everyone Has Parasites.” This article will discuss, symptoms of parasitic infection and how they are contracted.


Whenever you hear the word “parasite”, it conjures up pictures of something that is attached to your pet, like a tick or flea, or a vision of some poor, third world child with a bloated tummy. The truth is, humans are also subject to contracting worms and other parasites.  Many are walking around today who do not realize, they have been infected by these disgusting opportunists. There are over 1,000 types of worms that can infect humans, yet, there are less than 50 tests that can detect them.

Don’t think you could have a parasite? Have you ever been out of the country, swimming in a pond, have a pet?  It is not uncommon for a family pet, lick us and sleep in the bed with family members.  If they lick your face or you handle their feces you can become infected.   Always wash your hands when cleaning the cat box of picking up pet stool.  Even if you use a plastic bag or gloves.  Common symptoms that could indicate you have been infected, are many times overlooked. It is important to have the facts that can help you determine if you need to seek treatment.

Symptoms you may have Parasites

Anyone can contract intestinal parasites These creatures can remain in our body for many years before the damage they have caused manifests. There are symptoms that may alert you that there is a problem, such as:

  • rectal itching
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • weight loss
  • rashes
  • joint pain
  • muscle pain
  • sugar cravings
  • stomach cramping
  • universal allergies

Many of these conditions could be the result of other factors. Things to consider with these symptoms are, have you been out of the country?  Have you been swimming in a lake of a pond?  Have you eaten raw fish or meat?   Do you have indoor/outdoor pets?  All theses are vehicles for contracting a parasite.

When traveling outside the country where water purification systems may be inferior you are subject to contracting a worm or.  Have you ever heard of Montezuma’s revenge?  It is also called, “Traveler’s Diarrhea” contracted from drinking water in foreign nations.  If you think you may have a parasite check with your doctor, but many American doctors, may be skeptical that you actually have a parasite. Also, check with a homeopathic or holistic physician.

Intestinal Parasite Cleansing

Natural Remedies for Parasites:

  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • coconut Oil
  • probiotics
  • pumpkin seeds
  • black walnut hulls
  • apple cider vinegar
  • grapefruit seed extract

You may want do a parasite cleanse if you have several of the symptoms and have, been out of the country, have pets or swim in ponds and lake. There are many cleansing on the market, so do your research.  Dr. Nutra, ParaGone, and Dr. Hula Clark‘s Cleansing programs are a good place to start your research.

Resources:Center for Disease Control CDC; University of Maryland Medical Center

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