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How to Stop a Cough Naturally. A cough is a natural reflex that occurs in the throat has some obstruction or irritations. That cough is an attempt for the body to clear that obstruction or irritations.  Whatever the reason for a cough, it is a signal that your body is trying to remove blockages such as mucus or impurities from your lungs.  Coughing also makes the throat sore and, spreads germs at a rate of up to 500 miles per hour.  Allergies, dust, pet dander, cold, flu, asthma, bronchitis, pollen or toxic cleaning chemicals can cause coughing.

Why are you Coughing?

The first thing to do is to determine why you are coughing.  Do you have a cold, or the flu allergies,  asthma?  Addressing the root cause of a cough is essential.  It is critical to see a physician to make sure you do not have a serious underlying cause of a cough.  Always seek medical attention.  These methods can help you to be more comfortable and calm the irritation of a constant cough.

If you have a cough, I suggest you try some of the remedies in this article. Many natural resources can successfully help you.  So,  whatever the reason, I know you want it to stop, or at least get some relief. Let’s look at the methods.

Remedies that Stop a Cough Naturally

1.  Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

1 tablespoon or more honey
1/4 tablespoon Cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
2 -3 tbsp warm water

Mix ingredients and drink –  Don’t drink if you can tolerate hot foods.  (This very strong, but will stop a cough)

2.   Honey and EVO

1½ cups  raw honey
½ cup  (EVO) extra virgin olive oil
4-5 juiced lemons

Add ingredients heat until hot. Remove from heat and let cool. Take remedy as needed.

3. Ginger Remedy

1/2 tbs ground ginger
1 lemon wedged
2 cups water

Bring water to a boil add ingredients.  Simmer for 2 minutes. Add raw honey to taste. Drink.

4.  Tumeric and Ginger

1-inch piece Ginger
1/2 tablespoon powder Turmeric
3-5 cloves
1/4 tablespoon fresh black pepper
2-3 cinnamon stick
pinch of  Himalayan salt
2 cups water

Bring water to a boil add ingredients.  Cover and simmer for 5 – 10 minutes.

5.  Lemon and peppermint 

When I was a child and had a cold or a sore throat my mother would give us a half a lemon with a peppermint stick as a straw. As you suck on the peppermint, it mixes with the lemon to both soothe the throat and helps break up congestion.

6.  Natural Cough Syrup

Mix equal parts of chopped onion, ginger and dehydrated cane sugar in a jar. Cover and let sit for four hours. The moisture in the onion and ginger begins to dissolve the cane sugar, and the sugar draws out the properties of the onion and ginger, and you will have a natural cough syrup.

7.  Steam Inhalation with Herbs

Using a humidifier can be very helpful in administering moist air the nasal passages and throat relieving the need to cough.  If you do not have humidifiers, heat a pot of water and add a tablespoon of thyme, oregano, peppermint, rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, lavender or ginger.  Place a large towel over your head about six inches the and pot and breathe deeply.

8.  Raw Manuka Honey

For thousands of years, people have known of the benefits and the healing power of honey. Honey was used centuries ago because of its antibacterial properties to prevent a wound from becoming infected. Take a teaspoon of manuka honey every few hours, to help stop a cough.

9.  Home Made Ginger Tea

Fresh ginger works well to suppress a cough. Cut a few slices of fresh ginger in 8 ounces of water, bring to a boil and let sit for three minutes.  Add lemon and honey to taste.

10.  Thyme Tea

Thyme works well to stop a cough. Use the seasoning or fresh thyme to brew a cup of tea to help prevent a cough. A half teaspoon in 8 ounces of water, bring to a boil and let sit, then strain and drink.

11.  Honey and Ginger

To stop a cough, grade a wedge of ginger root and extract a half teaspoon to a tablespoon of ginger juice. Mix with a tablespoon of honey and mix. Take a little of the money and ginger mixture as needed.
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12.  Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is made from (Nigella sativa).  Another name for it is black cumin, black seed or black caraway seeds.  You can use black seed oil for dozens of purposes, one of which is an expectorant to loosen congestion in nose and lungs.  It comes in the seeds, oil, teas and capsule form.   If you don’t like the strong taste of black seed oil, you can get the oil in an easy to swallow capsule.  Take twice a day for a cough.

13. Black Pepper Tea

Many cultures have used black pepper tea as a natural remedy for coughing.  You can purchase black pepper tea bags at local health food stores, or you can make your own by boiling a teaspoon black pepper seeds or ground pepper in water, adding tea, lemon.  Strain and drink.  Pepper This acts as a cough suppressant, and serves as an expectorant to increase circulation and moves mucus.

15. Ayurveda Cough Remedy

Mash up one ripe banana, add a teaspoon of honey with a pinch of black pepper. Eat twice a day to stop a cough with no side effects.

16. Bee Propolis

Propolis seeps from buds of some trees.  Bees collect it and carried to their hive where they break it down. Propolis has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and boosts the immune system. Propolis is good for colds, flu coughs and sore throats caused by a virus. Add ten drops of propolis to a teaspoon of honey three times a day.

17. Licorice Root Herbal Tea

Licorice can be used to treat bronchitis, sore throat, laryngitis, or other respiratory distress.  You can find licorice root tea in many grocery stores.  If you want to purchase the loose herb itself, most holistic stores or markets carry it.   Boil one teaspoon of powder in two cups of water.  You don’t need to add a sweetener as this herb is naturally sweet.

18. Hydrate by Drinking More Water

Believe it or not, water is an excellent lubricant for the lungs and will help loosen up mucus that is hindering breathing.  Alkaline water is particularly remarkable in hydrating the body as the water molecules are tiny and enter the cell walls rapidly.  Try any of these or a combination of these remedies and find the ones that work best for you. All are a natural an holistic approach to treating your next cold.

When to go to the Doctor

If your cough is the result of a bacterial infection, or you can not a stop cough naturally, it may be time to doctor.  You’ll usually need to take it for a week to obtain full recovery. They may also prescribe either expectorant cough syrups or cough suppressants that contain codeine.

If you have had a long and protracted cough, your doctor may want to do a chest X-ray to rule out any serious condition such as tuberculosis.  If you plan to go to the doctor but can not get an immediate appointment, try the remedies we have listed above.

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