Healing Properties of Bee Propolis.   The use of propolis is not anything new.  The Greeks and Assyrians used it thousands of years ago for healing and to fight infection.  It is believed to be one of the substances used by Egyptians in the embalming process. It is amazing what healing properties can be found in bee propolis, a substance produced by bees.

I believe, we can find the cure for every disease known to man in nature. This is why we need to be concerned when there is a decline in the bee and plant population. Bees are necessary for the health and continuation of plant life on earth. Their ability to pollinate flowering trees and plants is mandatory for the survival of all life.

How is Bee Propolis Produced?

Propolis is a sticky resin which seeps from the buds of certain trees and the barks of trees. It is broken down and blended with bee wax secreted from bees.  It is also used to line the nursery compartments, using its antiseptic benefits for making sure the nursery remains healthy and bacterial free.  Bees also not only produce honey.

They produce bee pollen, wax, propolis.  Even the poison from their stingers has been known to promote healing of severe arthritis and other crippling conditions. Just about everything bees produce, can be used to help mankind. They are one of the few insects that produce a super-food (honey) eaten by humans. It has powerful properties and works as an:

  • antibiotic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-oxidant
  • boost the immune system

What are some of the Healing Properties of Bee Propolis?

Because propolis works as an antibiotic it acts to destroy bad bacteria while keeping good bacteria in balance. It also helps in those who have built a tolerance for regular antibiotics.   Bee propolis helps promote healing because of a compound called pinocembrin present in it.  It has antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  A study found it to quickly promoted cell growth in burn victims.

How Propolis can help

  • bee propolis can help prevent cancer
  • apply to wounds prevent infection
  • used to soothe eczema
  • increase cell reproduction
  • applied to warts
  • helps colds and upper respiratory conditions

Herpes & Cold Sores   

Creams and ointments contain propolis, can help cold sores and herpes outbreaks heal faster.  Herstat or Coldsore-FX may accelerate healing and ease symptoms.   Research found when you apply propolis a few times a day, it helped to heal cold sores faster than doing nothing at all. It reduced the amount of herpes virus and protected the body against future breakouts.

Where to get Bee Propolis

Propolis can be found in many health food markets and where specialty vitamins are found. It comes in creams, ointments, lotions, for topical use.  Is also can be taken orally by capsule, tablet or liquid form.

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