Green Tea – Natural Health Benefits

By | June 28, 2017
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Green Tea – Natural Health Benefits.  There are many benefits of drinking green tea.  This tea has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese, to promote better health and living.  Its benefits are purported to help everything from weight loss to prevention of disease.  Green tea comes in green oolong and black. This tea has the greatest concentration of antioxidants (polyphenols) of all the teas.  Its antioxidant properties help fight free radical damage to the body and slow down aging.

Drinking green tea on a regular basis can help you live better and perhaps extend your life.  You can purchase it in tea bag form, or in loose leaves. You may have noticed an abundance of green tea product in your local supermarket.  Everyone is trying to cash in on the great healing benefits of drinking green tea.

What are the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health benefits at a glance.   There have been many benefits of drinking green tea reported by National Cancer Institute, and the polyphenols in tea,  Journal of the American Medical Association, Research published in the journal Psychopharmacology.

  • cancer prevention
  • heart benefits
  • lower cholesterol
  • reduced stroke risk
  • promotes weight loss
  • may help inflammation disorders
  • improve cognitive functions

Deeper Look into Green Tea Benefits

Cancer Prevention

The National Cancer Institute has been doing studies with the use of green teas as a preventative measure against cancer of the skin.  Further studies in liver and stomach cancer; have shown positive results in shrinking tumors in mice that were fed green tea.  However, while it is not definitive that this tea can prevent cancer, it can be said that it does not hurt to drink it regularly.


University of Maryland Medical Center state that studies have shown that green tea may prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes and slow its development if you are already diabetic. Studies suggest that green tea may regulate insulin and regulate glucose in the body.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

It has high levels of polyphenols, with help to speed up the metabolism and oxidize fat, increasing the rate the body burns calories (thermogenesis). Adding green tea to the diet can help increase weight loss. There are a number of diets products on the market, that have green tea as one of its ingredients for weight loss. Whether they are effective or not, I can not say. You can’t go wrong drinking the tea itself for health benefits.

Flat Stomach Recipe

This drink can help lower high cholesterol by drinking 5 or more cups a day can help lower high blood pressure.  A study at Cedars-Sinai Green showed that after treating mice with green tea for 45 days showed signs of a 73% drop in blocked arteries.  Green tea prevents LDL oxidation and protects plaque from forming on artery walls, thus helps lower high blood pressure and retards blocking of the arteries.

Dental Health

Studies by the American Society for Microbiology, in Washington, DC suggest Catechin is a flavan-3-ol,  a type of natural phenol and antioxidant.  Flavin 3-ol in the tea inhibits the growth of bacteria found in the mouth, helping to slow or prevent dental decay.  Another study shows that green tea also inhibits bacteria that cause infection of the throat.

Improves Cholesterol

There has been recent research that shows green tea can raise good cholesterol and lower high levels. It is believed that polyphenols in green tea can remove the fat from the body. eliminate of cholesterol.

Green Tea Side Effects

  • People who are sensitive to caffeine may experience anxiety, nausea, irritability or insomnia.
  • May reduce the clotting effects of prescription blood thinners. Please check with your doctor if taking Warfarin or Coumadin.
  • Can cause increased heart rate or blood pressure when taking with other stimulants.

Green tea supplements are not regulated by the FDA but Keep in mind some prescription drugs that are regulated by the FDA have serious side effects such as headaches, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, chest pains, low blood pressure, fainting, stroke and possible death. When every using prescription drugs or taking supplements do your homework.

How to Prepare Green Tea

Green tea can be purchased as at grocery or health food store. It can be brewed in a bag like regular tea or place loose green tea leaves in an infuser.  You can also grow your own!  This process is done by placing in a cup and pour hot water over it and let sit for five minutes before drinking. You can drink green tea hot or iced in the summer. If you are not a tea drinker it is available in tablet and capsule form.

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