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Bleeding Gums? Remedies that Work

Do you have bleeding gums?  Many people suffer from bleeding gums.  There are a few simple tricks to stop your gums from bleeding and get rid of the bad breath it causes.  If you are experiencing bleeding gums, have a dental cleaning at least once a year.  One cleaning will remove built-up plaques and tartar and stop the bleeding almost immediately.

Bleeding can be a sign you have gingivitis, periodontal disease or some medical problem.  Check with your dentist and physician for hidden issues.   However, I will show you natural methods that can help stop, tender bleeding gums and the bad breath it causes.  However, these methods here are not to be substituted for proper medical or dental care.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding is never a good sign. When gums begin to become sensitive and bleed when brushing or flossing, this is a good sign that something is wrong. If left untreated, bleeding gums can lead to more serious periodontal disease including the losing and loss of permanent teeth in adults.   Gingivitis causes gums to become tender, swell and bleed.

Your first line of defense against bleeding gums is proper dental care. Proper dental care is mandatory for healthy gums and teeth.  Even with the best dental care, you can have medical problems that will cause these symptoms. Medications that cause dry mouth can also contribute to bad breath and bleeding gums.

 What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Improper brushing:  Many people assume that the harder the toothbrush, the better it is for cleaning your teeth. The truth of the matter is the best type of toothbrush is a medium to a soft bristle toothbrush.

  • Not Brushing and Flossing: It is important to brush your teeth and gums with gentle consistent pressure, so as not to bruise your gums. Flossing is a mandatory part of proper dental care. Flossing the teeth removed food, plaque and prevents cavities from developing between the teeth.
  • Dietary Deficiencies: Severe deficiencies in Vitamin C, K, and Calcium, can lead to tender, inflamed and bleeding gums. Eat balanced diet or take vitamin supplements if you are not eating properly.
  • Eating Disorders: Bulimia and anorexia can cause severe vitamin deficiencies and cause bleeding and inflamed gums.
  • Pregnancy: Some pregnant woman may experience swollen, bleeding gums, due to nausea, vomiting and not getting sufficient supplemental nutrition. Also, hormonal changes in the body can cause problems with teeth and gums. If toothpaste causes nausea, try salt and baking soda.
  • Disease: Certain diseases such as leukemia, liver disease, and diabetes and kidney disease can cause bleeding gums and other problems with the teeth. 

Visit your Dentist Regularly

Regular brushing and flossing are paramount for your dental health. That means brushing 2 – 3 times a day, flossing after every meal, limiting sweets and corrosive drinks like soda.  Your dentist is the second line of defense because as a health professional they can examine you and find problems in the making and address issues of concern. Many people don’t go to the dentist because they don’t have insurance but there are places you can go to see a dentist for free or for a small fee.

Natural Remedies for Bleeding Gums

  • Grapefruit seed extract:  Is great for killing bacteria under the gums that can cause tender and bleeding gums.  Place a few drops of grapefruit seed extract on dental floss and floss trouble areas. Also, you can make a mouthwash with a few drops of GSE in a half cup of water and gargle briskly.
  • 2.5 pH Alkaline Water:   2.5 Kangen water can be used to disinfect and kill most bacteria within 30 seconds of contact. Use it as a rinse three times a day after brushing and flossing for great results.
  • Milk of Magnesia:  Pathogenic bacteria are killed by substances in Milk of Magnesia. Prepare a mouthwash of one tablespoon of Milk of Magnesia and in 4 ounces of water. Gargle after brushing daily to stop bleeding gums.
  • Supplements:  If you are not eating properly or do not take vitamins, take a multivitamin with Vitamin K, C, Calcium, and B complex in them
  • Saltwater:  Rinse three times a day with a salt water solution. Add one teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water.
  • Goldenseal:  You can purchase goldenseal at the health food store. Make a paste of goldenseal and water and massage gently on bleeding gums, to draw out bacteria between the gums… Goldenseal is very bitter, so rinse thoroughly
  • PerioWash:  PerioWash is an organic herbal mouthwash that helps with inflamed and bleeding gums. It contains goldenseal black walnut, thyme, olive leaf rosemary, and other herbs that promote gum health.

If you can not get to a dentist use these natural methods until you can visit your dentist to find out the root causes of you bleeding gums. Your dentist he will make sure to clean any plaque or food trapped in pockets in your gums. X-rays can often detect hidden problems that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Information viewed here is meant for medical advice. If you are having problems with pain or bleeding gums, please visit your dentist.

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