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Essential Oils Nature’s Healer

Essential Oils Nature’s Healer.  People have used essential oils and botanicals in therapeutic practices and perfume, as early over 5,000 years.  Today, more than ever people have embraced the practice of using essential oils for everything.  In  Biblical times priest used frankincense, fir, cedarwood, and hyssop in their worship, offerings, and healing for sheep.   The scent of frankincense always… Read More »

Kangen Water Benefits & Uses

Kangen Water Benefits.   Kangen Water is an alkaline water people drinks all over the world.   The units are produced in Japan by a 60-year-old company called Enagic.  The water is considered to have many health benefits and it is certified in Japan as a medical device.  These machines are used in hospitals, nursing homes, and daycare centers in… Read More »

Healing with Acupuncture – Exciting Alternative to Western Medicine

Healing with Acupuncture.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive acupuncture?    Acupuncture is used to rebalance the body’s energies to improve emotional and physical health.  Acupuncture originated in China and Japan and has been used for thousands of years.  Acupuncture is used to rebalance the body’s energies and improve health. Only recently found… Read More »