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Doing Your Health Naturally

Do Your Health Naturally –  Natural Remedies & Holistic Living.   Your health is one of the most important things we are have been entrusted with.  You only have one body and one life to live.  It is important to you to do your health as naturally as possible.   There has been a renewed interest in alternative health medicine and holistic practices.  These practices are not new but have been around for thousands of years.  Now with the internet, people now have access to all this knowledge with a stroke of a keyboard.  People are deciding to seek holistic practitioners, acupuncturists,  alternative therapies, and experiment with the use of herbals to treat emotional and physical problems.

How to do your Health Naturally – What is Holistic Living?

What is holistic living?  The concept of holistic living has been around for hundreds of years. It is not a fad, nor is it new.  Holistic is a practice of treating the whole person, not just the sickness or disease. Hippocrates once said, ”the part cannot be well unless the whole is well.” Modern medicine often deals with healing the part.

Say you are suffering from joint pain and the doctor prescribes a prescription drug that deals with pain. But, what is the root cause of the pain? Is it previous trauma, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle?  Some of the oldest healers recognized that the emotional state played a big part in illness and the cure.  Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine have long been addressing these matters centuries ago.

The three holistic practices are Western herbalism, having its origins first in ancient Rome, Greece. Gradually their influence through migration traveled to Europe and both South America and the U.S. Herbal medicine, which has been practiced all over the world. Long before pharmaceutical companies, indigenous people have used roots and herb to promote healing and well being.  Finally, Ayurveda which is traditional Indian medicine.

Dietary Supplements

Everyone needs to take a vitamin supplement.  What is a dietary supplement? A dietary supplement provides additional nutrients that give you added biologically benefit.   Supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals and amino acids that are ingested by means of tablets, capsules, soft gels, tea bags, gelcaps, liquids, or powders.

It is impossible to eat enough food to meet all your dietary needs.  We cannot eat enough servings of fruit, vegetables, and grain, to meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines.  This particularly applies to those with acid reflux and other digestive issues.

Natural Health and Wellness

Do Your Health has included holistic and natural wellness alternatives to my regiment.   Acupuncture instead of taking pain medicine.  Natural supplements like turmeric, black seed oil, prebiotics, and probiotics to help with my wellness journey. I also drink lots of alkaline water to detoxify to hydrate my body.  Which has tremendously improved asthma symptoms, and kept me out of the emergency room for seven years.  I am healthier and happier than I have been in decades.