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Do Your Health – Natural Remedies & Holistic Remedies

Do Your Health – Holistic Health and Wellness.    Your health is one of the most important things we are have been entrusted with.  You only have one life and one body.  No matter how you get to the awareness you want to be healthier, the main thing is to understand how important it is.

If we are to be healthy, we have to take our health into our own hands.  Food manufacturers don’t care that the overly processed foods they sell are making us sick.  For them, it is about making money.   Every product on the shelves has large amounts of salt and sugar, which are knowingly addictive.  If you remain addicted to these unhealthy foods, you will pay for it in the end with your health.

Have you ever wondered why you just have to eat a certain cookie or drink a certain drink every day?  You are addicted to that Oreo cookies or diet Coke.  They want you addicted because that makes you a not a loyal customer, but a slave to their product.   I know because I have been their.

Getting Healthier Begins with Diet

There is an old saying, “you are what you eat!”  If you eat junk you will feel lousy.  If you eat healthily, you will alive an vibrant.  Getting healthy is totally doable when you are ready to make those simple lifestyle changes that will help you to feel better, and hopefully live a longer.  We only have one life to live why not live it healthy.

For many years my doctors suggested I walk at least 15 minutes a day. I never got around to it and eventually, my health became progressively worse and I became heavier! Sometimes it may take a health crisis to open our eyes and push us to make a change.

I knew I needed to lose weight and get moving.  I felt it was too hard and my sedentary lifestyle slowly took a toll on my life.  My knees ached and every time I walked upstairs, my chest hurt.  I wasn’t as concerned as I should have been even when I became over 200 pounds, had high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, and high cholesterol.

My Health Crisis

For me, my health crisis came when my doctor told me I was borderline diabetic!  Those words conjured up images of taking insulin, kidney failure and the loss of limbs.  I refused to make a few lifestyle changes and after ten years of doing nothing, I was in trouble.

I am not ashamed to say fear was the greatest motivator to getting healthy.   I learned that many common illnesses like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity can be completely reversed with a change in diet and exercise.  I know it is not easy, but it can be done.   You can do it!

Get Motived to Do your Health

Love can be a great motivator to push you in the right direction!   The love and support of your family are important.  When I shared the latest health issues with my son, he told me, “Mom please do everything you need to do to stay around longer!”  I heard my son begging me not to die before my time.   I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving my son when it was in my control to change my health outcome.

I got serious and started losing weight and began walking regularly.  I  also, cut out binge eating my favorite cookies, cake, soda and sugary fruit juices.   Within 6 months these were the changes to my health:

  • I lost 35 pounds
  • I was no longer pre-diabetic
  • My cholesterol  dropped
  • My blood pressure is normal
  • My knees stopped hurting
  •  I can walk a mile and a half and with no chest pains!

Natural Health and Wellness

I have included holistic and natural wellness alternatives to my regiment.   I use natural supplements like turmeric, black seed oil, prebiotics, and probiotics to help with my wellness journey. I also drink alkaline water.  It also helps remove toxins, hydrates and regulates the digestive system.  I am glad I took the effort to make the necessary changes in my diet and lifestyle. Today I am healthier and happier than I have been in decades.  Live your life naturally!